All-in-one hot desk booking.
Easy - fast - secure


Your employees can match their schedules to the office spaces they need, while you stay in control over the process of locating, booking & monitoring office space usage.
Book your preferred seat

Book your preferred seat. FIlter by seat attributes, and get that window seat!

Book your parking

Book your parking place and don’t waste time looking for a parking spot.

Find colleagues

Find colleagues you like and spend some quality time together.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly.
Book your seat and checkin on the go.

Easily import floor plans

Easily import floor plans (PNG), customize and visualize them.

Add buildings and floors

Add buildings and floors for each office location.

Manage hotdesks

Manage hotdesks, permanent seats and assign full seating in bulk.

See levels of occupancy

See levels of occupancy and attendance reports.

Built for the employees,
with special focus on security & data privacy



Multi Mandate System Hosted in our own data center in EU.



Authentication through Azure AD or ADFS.

Your data is safe

Your data is safe

GDPR compliant
Minimum data is stored

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