Software Modernization for Scientific Instruments

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As modern software with intuitive UX is key to stay relevant and competitive in the market, the problem of legacy software can be a challenge for many players in the manufacturing of scientific, medical, measuring and testing devices.

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The scientific devices market leverage the impact of software modernization and product development for business performance.

Product development and software modernization


For the past 10 years we’ve supported our clients within the Scientific Instruments Industry by delivering software services with:


An optimal level of usability and a shorter learning curve


Reduced waste, combined with lean business processes

Modern and intuitive design for technical solutions

Maximum usage of clean data

Data-driven proactive support to enable performance


Digital Experience Assessments

We analyze your needs by performing discovery workshops on usability and technical feasibility assesments.

Enable our consulting and technical expertise to reach business goals.

Product development and Software modernization

Our Autonomous Product Teams focus on usability, performance and modern stable architecture using Agile development methodologies.

Delivery on time, on scope and within budget are the values we operate by.


Digital Experience Redesign

We ensure quick validation of your business case via prototypes and POCs in order to align scope and roadmap with key business objectives.

Build an intuitive, scalable and tailored interface that will boost usage and performance.

Continuous Evolution

We enable and support digital product growth throughout your business journey by continuous optimization, integration, and innovation.

Our goal is a stable and positive Digital Experience.


Achieve optimal design, performance and stability for your software by choosing the right IT Business Partner resulting in:

Reduced maintenance costs

Increased user satisfaction and client loyalty

Gain competitive advantage

High scalability and adaptability

Assess your software needs



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Bring your Digital Products up to date

Develop your own Digital Product

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Software Modernization

Modernize your software interface and usability

Modernize your software's code

Modernize interface and code

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Digital Product Development

Main stages and general timing of a full Product Development project


Duration: 5 - 10 working days

Activity: calibrate on the client expectations to understand the context and identify the business objectives.

Deliverable: proposed approach


Duration: 3 - 10 working days

Activity: Co-creation to quickly deliver a tangible output.

Deliverables: MVV (Minimum Viable Value) (e.g. clickable mock-ups) + implementation proposal


Duration: weeks/months

Activity: implementation throughout an APT.

Deliverables: MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that can be tested in production environment


Duration: months/years (depending on project complexity

Activity: ongoing development and optimization continues with fully deployed APT(s) while support services can be accessed.

Deliverables: production ready solution

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Interface Redesign & Modernization

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Legacy Code Refactoring

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Code refactoring Interface Redesign & Modernization

Integrations and further product development

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“Our collaboration with Accesa started in 2017 when we were looking for an IT Service Provider to support Verder Scientific group with a full range of services for our software development needs.
Since then Accesa proved to be a reliable partner and I would strongly recommend them for their structured way of working in managing the full product delivery cycle, professional approaches and technical consultancy role.”

Dr. Jürgen Pankratz

CEO, Verder Scientific

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Scientific Validation and Testing During  the Development Cycle

Scientific Validation and Testing During the Development Cycle

We live in a data-driven world and companies seek new growth opportunities by means of wielding their data assets. Leading scientific software is often a collection of tools which facilitate fast data acquisition, visualization and analysis, in order to draw fast qualitative and quantitative conclusions.

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